Meet Our Success Coaches

Your Ticket to a Successful BHC Experience


Being personally coached by someone who has created their own success as a coach and is ALSO a master at facilitating change and transformation.

Introducing HCI’s Success Coach Team!

Our Success Coaches are collectively and individually committed to helping YOU have the most positive, successful learning experience here at Health Coach Institute.

As a student of BHC, your Success Coach will be an integral part of your educational journey.

Your coach is like your own personal mentor…a cheerleader and success champion who stretches, supports, and guides you to your full potential as a coach. They’re your anchor and your sounding board for all things coaching. Give your Success Coach a holler when you’re stuck, have a question, or just need a little inspiration or encouragement.

Success Coaching Calls

As a BHC student, you’ll have the opportunity to join a monthly Success Coaching call (8 total throughout the course of your training) to help you stay on track with your learning and accelerate your progress. Calls are run by Success Coaches—all experienced, certified Health Coaches themselves—in a small group format, which includes 1-to-1 coaching on your most important goal or challenge and the opportunity to learn by witnessing your peers being coached.

Success Coaching Call Structure

Here are some common themes BHC students experience on their calls…

In Call 1, you’ll discover how to find your groove completing your weekly studies and Skills Labs to ensure you can be successful in BHC while also leading a busy life.

In Call 2, you’ll strategize how to attract the most ideal practice clients who will support you to grow as a coach and love the experience. Some students get coaching on how to begin charging for their coaching, even with their practice clients.

In Calls 3 and 4, students often present questions about the 90-day coaching program as they experience being client and coach in their Skills Labs and being coach to their practice clients.

In Call 5, you’ll gain insights to refine your foundational marketing language (i.e. how you communicate to attract ideal paying clients) and clarify your next steps to attract your first or next paying client.

In Calls 6, 7, and 8, you’ll enhance your client attraction strategy using the business and marketing strategies learned in Pillar 4 of BHC and your Success Coach’s experience.

Flexible Support

You can select your Success Coach from our diverse global team. Our Success Coach team offers over 50 unique coaching time slots per week, making it easy for you to choose a date and time that works for you and your unique schedule. Plus, you have a full 12 months to use all 8 calls….so whether you take 6 months to complete your certification or a full year, our coaches will be there for you every step of the way.

Meet Our Success Coaches

Each Success Coach has mastered the business and art of coaching. We can’t WAIT to share what we’ve learned with you, answer your questions, and help you launch the coaching career of your dreams! Read below to learn a bit more about us…

Lucas Seipp-Williams

VP of Academics & Student Success

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Whitney Harris

director of success coaching

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Blue Russ

success coach

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Alice Moore

faculty coach

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Bria Anderson

faculty coach

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Jamie Gantt

faculty coach

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