HCI’s All Star Coaches

We have the most amazing alumni here at HCI and we are pleased to introduce you to a selection of our graduates who are out in the world making a difference and having blast as coaches. We invite you to scroll through and meet them. If you are inspired by their unique mission and gifts, and you are interested in having a coach to help you achieve something special this year, we recommend that you reach out to them for a consultation and stay in touch with them online.

Melissa McLane

Empowerment Coach

San Diego, California

Liberty Hoffer

Health Coach

Post Falls, Idaho

Catherine Gagnon

Health Coach

Quebec, Canada

Derek Lacey

Life Coach

Santa Monica, California

Holly Toronto

Body Love Coach

New York, New York

Susan Nagl

Health Coach

Denver, Colorado

Mike & Sheri Goins

Health & Relationship Coach

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Alyson Chugerman

Health Coach

Wappinger Falls, New York

Juan Pulido

Health Coach

Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania

Bryony O’Kane

Health Coach

Sydney, Australia

Melisa Kelly

Health Coach

Columbus, Ohio

Lauren Chiren

Women's Health Coach

Bristol, UK