HCI’s 90-Day Health Coaching Program

+ Dr. Alan Christianson’s Autoimmune Conditions Protocol

Session #1

  • Desired State Goal Setting
  • The Big MOFA
  • Anchoring the MOFA Exercise
  • Experiential Exercise: Clear the Clutter
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step #1:
    • Fill out Dr. Christianson’s Initial Assessment Questionnaire to gain a better understanding of your current health.
    • Make an appointment with a Naturopathic Physician or Functional Medicine Practitioner (FMP) to support you throughout this program, as well as search for the root causes of your specific challenges.

Session #2

  • High Energy Foods: foods that give you energy vs. taking energy away 3-5 easy High Energy Food recipes to try (optional)
  • Experiential Exercise: Chewing
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step #2:
    • Begin to prioritize clean food sources using the EWG’s Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen.For chicken and seafood choose wild-caught, grass-fed, organic, free-range,hormone and antibiotic-free sources.
    • Use the Harris Benedict BMI Equation to calculate your ideal daily caloric intake.

Session #3

  • Honoring Hunger and Fullness
  • Honoring Hunger and Fullness Action Steps
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step #3:
    • Fill out the Defining Stressors handout to get a comprehensive look at the different types of stress in your life past, present, and future.
    • Set up an appointment with your Naturopath or Functional Medicine Practitioner to find out if you have a genetic predisposition to detoxifying effectively and what your current body burden is.

Session #4

  • Review Original Goals
  • Revisit MOFA Anchors
  • Experiential Exercise: Mental Rehearsal of pleasure and success
  • Pre-Framing Self-Sabotage
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step #4 (part 1 & 2): 
    • Make your diet autoimmune friendly by removing red meat, eating high-quality seafood, prioritizing a diverse selection of plants, legumes, nuts and seeds, as well as non-inflammatory fats like hemp, walnut, and flax.
    • Explore different self-care techniques like free association journaling, alternate nostril breathing, and progressive muscle relaxation to increase your stress resiliency buffer.

Session #5

  • Self-Sabotage
  • Self-Sabotage Scenario Coaching Question Sequences
  • Experiential Exercise: The Mirror
  • “Spine Session” = remains the same
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step 4 (part 3):
    • Create a plan with your Health Coach to begin reducing the amount of chemicals present in your home. Begin by leaving your shoes outside and opening the windows, daily, to air it out.
    • Continue previous week’s Action Steps and add additional support and accountability where necessary.

Session #6

  • Being B-A-D
  • Experiential Exercise: Create a “Be Naughty” menu (optional “Nourishment menu”)
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step #5:
    • Work with your Naturopath or FMP to discover the amount of supplemental nutrients needed to optimize your healing process.
    • Resync your sleep routine by adding in more natural sunlight during the early hours of the day and implementing a power down hour with good sleep hygiene practices.

Session #7

  • How to Relax
  • Experiential Exercise: The 5-5-7 Breath
  • “Slow down” Action Steps
  • List of Action Steps
  •  Step #6:
    • Boost your gut health by eating a variety of colorful produce and fiber-rich foods especially boiled & chilled organic potatoes, under-ripe bananas and plantains, navy, northern, and cannellini beans.
    • Clean out conventional personal care products and begin to replace them with more natural alternatives that have ingredient names that you can pronounce.

Session #8

  • Nourishment: What wants to be nourished in them? Where is there potential for greater expression?
  • Experiential Exercise: Wheel of Life
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step #7 (part 1):
    • Diversify your weekly movement to accommodate cardio, strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance elements.

Session #9

  • Personal Power
  • Experiential Exercise: Personal Power Meditation + Woundology (where do they store their personal power?)
  • List of Action Steps:
    • Personal Power homework

Session #10

  • Acknowledgement: review how far they’ve come & new “baseline”
  • Review Personal Power homework
  • What are they curious about learning next?
  • Experiential Exercise: Acknowledging people in their life
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step #7 (part 2):
    • Set up an appointment with your Naturopath or FMP to reassess your toxicity, inflammation levels, and add in additional support where necessary.

Session #11

  • Discovering the Next Level
  • Experiential Exercise: Life Inventory + Life Inventory Coaching Question Sequence
  • “Spine Session” = remains the same
  • List of Action Steps

Session #12

  • Completion and Invitation
  • Go into Closing The Deal script and invite them into your next program
  • List of Action Steps to prepare for the next program
  • “Invitation Session” = remains the same