HCI’s 90-Day Health Coaching Program

+ Dr. Dan Engle’s Brain & Mood Health Protocol

Session #1

  • Desired State Goal Setting
  • The Big MOFA
  • Anchoring the MOFA Exercise
  • Experiential Exercise: Clear the Clutter Change Your Mood in 5 Minutes or Less
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step #1
    • Increase their water intake to half their bodyweight in ounces – experiment with adding high-quality sea salt, lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.
    • Have them notice their mood & outlook to discover their baseline. They should rate it on a number scale from 1-10 and begin to track on the Brain & Mood Health Check-In Guide.

Session #2

  • High Energy Foods: foods that give them energy vs. taking energy away
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step #2:
    • Assess their level of movement on both a physical and gastrointestinal basis – notice how often they are having healthy elimination or not having.
    • They should begin to experiment with creative forms of movement daily that positively affect their mood. 

Session #3

  • Honoring Hunger and Fullness
  • Honoring Hunger and Fullness Action Steps
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step #3:
    • Have them play with different forms of creativity and expression to find what best embodies their voice.
    • They should connect to that which is greater than you, daily, in the way that most speaks to them. 

Session #4

  • Review Original Goals
  • Revisit MOFA Anchors
  • Experiential Exercise: Mental Rehearsal
  • Pre-Framing Self-Sabotage
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step #4 (part 1):
    • Begin to clear processed foods from their diet and have them choose clean, organic foods when possible.
  • Step #5 (part 1):
    • Explore different ways they can connect to nature consistently to calm their nervous system and reset their circadian rhythm.

Session #5

  • Self-Sabotage
  • Self-Sabotage Scenario Coaching Question Sequences
  • Experiential Exercise: The Mirror
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step #4 (part 2):
    • Have them begin to cultivate compassion for themselves by asking, “How can I love you more today?”. 
  • Step #5 (part 2):
    • Increase their duration/frequency of their favorite exercises and notice how their body responds.

Session #6

  • Being B-A-D
  • Experiential Exercise: Create a “Be Naughty” an “Adventure” Menu
  • List of Action Steps:
    • Continue previous week’s Action Steps and up-level them slightly if they are ready.

Session #7

  • Secrets to Relaxing & Increasing Presence
  • Step #7 (part 1) – Experiential Exercise: The 5-5-7 Breath
  • List of Action Steps
  •  Step #6:
    • Introduce in a power down hour and experiment with the quantity of sleep that leaves them feeling most rested and energized.
    • Have them reach out to a friend they haven’t spoken to recently, but think highly of, and coordinate a time to connect face-to-face.

Session #8

  • Nourishment: What wants to be nourished in them? Where is there potential for greater expression?
  • Experiential Exercise: Wheel of Life
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step #7 (part 2):
    • Start a daily meditation practice for 10 minutes and have them work their way up to 20.

Session #9

  • Personal Power
  • Experiential Exercise: Personal Power Meditation + Woundology (where do they store their personal power?)
  • List of Action Steps:
    • Personal Power homework
    • Step #8 (part 1 & 2): Soak in 30 minutes of sunlight per day to boost Vitamin D levels.
    • Notice where they have been holding on to past hurt, and see if they are ready to move forward and release what no longer serves them.

Session #10

  • Review Personal Power homework
  • What are they curious about learning next?
  • Experiential Exercise: Acknowledging people in their life
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step #8 (part 3):
    • Refine their food sources further consistently choose fresh, organic, grass-fed, pasture raised, wild-caught 80-85% of the time.

Session #11

  • Discovering the Next Level
  • Experiential Exercise: Life Inventory + Life Inventory Coaching Question Sequence
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step #9 (part 1 & 2)
    • Seek out new or old activities to find which make them feel truly alive and present.
    • Set aside time weekly, monthly, or quarterly to volunteer for a cause that speaks to their heart. 

Session #12

  • Completion and Invitation
  • Go into Closing The Deal script and invite them into your next program
  • List of Action Steps to prepare for the next program
  • Step #9 (part 3):
    • Review the Brain and Mood Health Check-In Guide and celebrate all of the positives shifts they’ve made since beginning this program.