HCI’s 90-Day Health Coaching Program

+ Vincent Pedre’s Digestion Protocol

Session #1

  • Desired State Goal Setting
  • The Big MOFA
  • Anchoring the MOFA Exercise
  • Experiential Exercise: Clear the Clutter
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step #1
    • Fill out the Pre-Program Symptoms Questionnaire to get an overview of your health and establish a baseline.
    • Begin your morning with an 8 ounce glass of warm water with half a lemon squeezed in, while throughout your day aiming to drink half your bodyweight in ounces of water.
    • Start reducing the amount of gluten you consume by removing it from one meal per day, as well as snacks.

Session #2

  • High Energy Foods: foods that give you energy vs. taking energy away Reducing digestive distress
  • 3-5 easy High Energy Food recipes to try (optional)
  • Experiential Exercise: Chewing
  • Reducing Digestive Distress
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step #2:
    • Introduce digestive enzymes 10-15 minutes before a meal, and add in select herbal teas and a probiotic to support your digestive system.
    • Remove foods that contribute to IBS, acid reflux, or heart burn like coffee, alcohol, vinegar, tomato sauce.
    • Begin adding in healthy dairy alternatives and reducing your overall dairy consumption.

Session #3

  • Honoring Hunger and Fullness
  • Honoring Hunger and Fullness Action Steps
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step #3:
    • Take a moment to breathe, express gratitude, and slow down before each meal.
    • Remove any dairy or gluten that is still present in your diet.
    • Eat 4-5 servings of moderate to thoroughly cooked vegetables each day. Remove cruciferous vegetables and legumes depending on the severity of your gut challenges.

Session #4

  • Review Original Goals
  • Revisit MOFA Anchors
  • Experiential Exercise: Mental Rehearsal
  • Pre-Framing Self-Sabotage
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step #4:
    • Choose clean food sources and expand the variety of colors you are getting in your everyday diet to support your gut biome.
    • Sip a warm cup of bone broth first thing in the morning, as a mid-day snack, or a soothing evening drink.
    • Reduce potential gut irritants and toxin exposure in your kitchen by up-leveling your cookware and food storage containers.

Session #5

  • Self-Sabotage
  • Self-Sabotage Scenario Coaching Question Sequences
  • Experiential Exercise: The Mirror
  • “Spine Session” = remains the same
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step #5:
    • Continue previous week’s Action Steps and add additional support and accountability where necessary.

Session #6

  • Being B-A-D
  • Experiential Exercise: Create a “Be Naughty” an “Adventure” Menu
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step #5: 
    • Strive to take an hour break from technology each day.
    • Check-in to see how many servings of vegetables you’re consuming daily, how clean they are, and notice how they’re affecting your digestion.
    • Start practicing yoga poses, cat/cow and downward facing dog, each morning.

Session #7

  • Secrets to Relaxing & Optimizing Digestion
  • Experiential Exercise: The 5-5-7 Breath
  • List of Action Steps
  •  Step #6:
    • Set an intention for how you’d like to show up for your day first thing in the morning.
    • Start having a nutrient dense smoothie for breakfast to replenish your body and set you up for success during the day.
    • Introduce a power down hour to help you prioritize getting 7-8 hours of quality sleep.
      • For the best sleep benefits, have your last meal 3-4 hours before bed.

Session #8

  • Nourishment: What wants to be nourished in them? Where is there potential for greater expression?
  • Experiential Exercise: Wheel of Life
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step #7:
    • Add in fermented foods like sauerkraut, non-spicy kimchi, or coconut-water kefir on a consistent basis.
    • Begin meditating for 5 minutes a day and work your way up to 15-20.
    • Expand your yoga practice by adding in triangle pose, plus Step #6’s supine twist, bridge pose, and forward fold.

Session #9

  • Personal Power
  • Experiential Exercise: Personal Power Meditation + Woundology (where do they store their personal power?)
  • List of Action Steps:
  • Personal Power homework
  • Step #8 (part 1) – Fill out Dr. Pedre’s Post-Program Questionnaire to see how far you’ve come and bring to session #10.

Session #10

  • Review Personal Power homework
  • What are they curious about learning next?
  • Experiential Exercise: Acknowledging people in their life
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step #8 (part 2 & 3):
    • Celebrate the progress you’ve made and notice what positive shifts you are grateful for.
    • Round out your yoga practice by incorporating sun salutations.
      • Bonus: practice upon waking up to ease your body from a sleeping state to getting into the flow of the upcoming days activities.

Session #11

  • Discovering the Next Level
  • Experiential Exercise: Life Inventory + Life Inventory Coaching Question Sequence
  • List of Action Steps

Session #12

  • Completion and Invitation
  • Go into Closing The Deal script and invite them into your next program
  • List of Action Steps to prepare for the next program