HCI’s 90-Day Health Coaching Program

+ Marcelle Pick’s Thyroid Protocol

Session #1

  • Desired State Goal Setting
  • The Big MOFA
  • Anchoring the MOFA Exercise
  • Experiential Exercise: Clear the Clutter
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step #1:
    • Fill out Marcelle’s Thyroid Health Questionnaire to gain a comprehensive understanding of the different lifestyle factors influencing your thyroid health.
    • Make an appointment with a Functional Medicine Practitioner to have the following labs ran: Thyroid Antibodies, TPO & TgAb, Reverse T3, Total T3, Free T3 & T4, as well as Vitamin A & D, Iodine, Iron, Homocysteine, Magnesium, Selenium, and Zinc.

Session #2

  • The Cortisol Connection
  • Experiential Exercise: Chewing
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step #2:
    • Begin tapering gluten sources out of your diet that you can see such as bread, pasta, and cereal.
    • Experiment with different ways to increase your resiliency to stress by using lavender oil, practicing yoga, trying a breath technique, or simply releasing what you can stress-wise.

Session #3

  • The Blood Sugar Balance
  • Honoring Hunger and Fullness
  • Honoring Hunger and Fullness Action Steps
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step #3:
    • Prioritize drinking half your bodyweight in fluid ounces of high quality drinking water that’s free of Chlorine, Bromine, and Fluoride.
    • Remove sugar and other stimulants like caffeine and alcohol from your diet to help balance blood sugar.
    • Continue to taper off gluten until it is completely out of your diet.

Session #4

  • Review Original Goals
  • Revisit MOFA Anchors
  • Experiential Exercise: Mental Rehearsal of pleasure and success
  • Pre-Framing Self-Sabotage
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step #4 (part 1 – 3): 
    • Use the Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen and High Quality Foods Cheat Sheet to prioritize foods free of pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones.
    • Schedule an appointment with your Functional Medicine Practitioner to check-in on your progress and assess your level of toxicity.
    • Amplify your rest by practicing good sleep hygiene and prioritizing a consistent sleep-wake cycle throughout your week.

Session #5

  • Self-Sabotage
  • Self-Sabotage Scenario Coaching Question Sequences
  • Experiential Exercise: The Mirror
  • “Spine Session” = remains the same
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step 4 (part 4):
    • Fully remove any remaining culprits like gluten, sugar, alcohol, and caffeine from your diet.
    • Continue previous week’s Action Steps and add additional support and accountability where necessary.

Session #6

  • Being B-A-D
  • Experiential Exercise: Create an Adventure Menu (Optional “Nourishment Menu”)
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step #5:
    • Begin greening your personal care routine by swapping out the 3-5 most used items from shower products, lotions, makeup, aftershave, etc.
    • Add in iodine and selenium rich foods to support your thyroid.
      • If you have Grave’s Disease or Hyperthyroidism limit the consumption of foods rich in iodine or goitrogens.

Session #7

  • How to Relax
  • Experiential Exercise: The 5-5-7 Breath
  • “Slow down” Action Steps
  • List of Action Steps
  •  Step #6:
    • Practice being fully present while doing your 5-5-7 breath or an item from your Nourishment Menu.
      • Bonus: Each morning while you lay in bed, think back to the day prior and one thing that you are most grateful for.
    • Add in probiotic-rich foods like sauerkraut and non-spicy kimchi and aim to eat as many different colors of produce that you can to support your microbiome.
      • If you are experiencing significant digestive challenges check-in with your Functional Medicine Practitioner to see what else may need to be addressed.

Session #8

  • Nourishment: What wants to be nourished in them? Where is there potential for greater expression?
  • Experiential Exercise: Wheel of Life
  • List of Action Steps
  • Step #7:
    • Switch household cleaning products for non-toxic alternatives to begin to reduce toxins in your home one step at a time.
    • What other movements can you add to your week to change it up and keep you engaged?

Session #9

  • Personal Power
  • Experiential Exercise: Personal Power Meditation + Woundology (where do they store their personal power?)
  • List of Action Steps:
    • Personal Power homework
  • Step #8:
    • Have your preferred medical provider retest your thyroid, vitamin, and mineral levels to assess and see what other support, if any, needs to be added going forward.

Session #10

  • Review Personal Power homework
  • What are they curious about learning next?
  • Experiential Exercise: Acknowledging people in their life
  • List of Action Steps

Session #11

  • Discovering the Next Level
  • Experiential Exercise: Life Inventory + Life Inventory Coaching Question Sequence
  • “Spine Session” = remains the same
  • List of Action Steps

Session #12

  • Completion and Invitation
  • Go into Closing The Deal script and invite them into your next program
  • List of Action Steps to prepare for the next program
  • “Invitation Session” = remains the same