Master The Business & The Art Of Coaching.

Introducing Holistic MBA Mastery

Welcome From Carey & Stacey

You’re about to embark on a unique mentorship experience, specifically designed to help you free up those unexpressed parts of yourself while touching more lives, making a bigger impact, and earning more money.

The core of our work is that place where money and love, passion and profit, ambition and ease, and yes, even health and spirituality intersect.

When we explore what it means to truly dance at that intersection – fully engaged with our great work and fully engaged in our lives – we become aligned with our true selves. This is the path of Mastery: aligning who you are with what you do.

This is the journey we want to invite you to be on with us. Nourishing the soul of your business, putting your personal growth and coaching skills on warp speed, and finally earning incredible income doing what you love to do, which is changing people’s lives.

By saying yes to this journey, you are putting yourself in the perfect position to have your life and work expand in beautiful ways. Community allows us to navigate it all with support, celebration and depth!

What you can expect from us is everything we’ve got to help you be successful, so that like our current HMBA graduates, a year from now you will look back on this moment as the best decision you ever made for your business and personal growth.

Shining the light in you,

The Proven Path To Mastering The Business & The Art Of Coaching So You Can Make A Rich Living And Live A Rich Life

Modular Learning Packed With Detailed Lessons.

Downloadable “Done For You” Materials

Put Theory Into Practice With Skills Labs.

1:1 Private Coaching With Success Coaches.

Special Seating At HCI Live Events

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HMBA Mastery Is Perfect For You If You Want To

  • Do deeper work with clients and make more money.
  • Make a big difference in the world and reach many more people than you are right now.
  • Be done with living in scarcity and ready to conspire for surplus and abundance.
  • Resonate with Carey & Stacey’s sassy, fun, lively, easy-to-implement teaching style.
  • Stay open to honest feedback and a little tough love when we see something that could instantly improve your business.
  • Step outside your comfort zone because that’s where the magic happens (even if that scares you!)
  • Be supported and stretched by a kick-ass community.
  • Let fun be your compass for building your business.
  • Stop comparing and despairing and step into your spotlight both personally and professionally NOW.
  • Finally combine all your unique gifts into the most successful career of your life because it was born from the brightest version of you!

What Can HMBA Do For You?

Ashley Burnett


$13,000 in the first month of HMBA. That's more than I've made in 3 months combined in the past! Many thanks to Carey & Stacey for giving me STRETCH.

Ashley Burnett

HMBA Graduate

“I knew immediately that HMBA was right for me because I felt if I wouldn’t invest in myself and my own business with a serious program, I energetically wouldn’t be able to receive committed clients as a health coach. I also knew that I MUST set the foundation of my business from the ground up or else it would crumble.HMBA has given me the tools to set up my business more efficiently, and helped me to re-structure my mindset around money to become a more positive one. My biggest breakthrough since working with Carey and Stacey has been the realization that I AM capable and deserving of making a generous income doing work that I love doing and being of service to others. I know that I’m meant to do this work, and I know now that nothing will stop me from fulfilling my dreams!HMBA has also helped me to get clear on my path and niche, and I finally launched my newly branded website. I feel so confident in putting it out there now because of the clarity, and that feels rad! Many thanks to Carey and Stacey for stretching me and helping me to fully believe in the powerhouse that I know I truly am!”

Picture Yourself One Year From Now

Having stepped into your spotlight — Now you know how to facilitate deep personal change with yourself and your clients.

Never again will you struggle to come up with clever advice that doesn’t work or recommendations that your clients won’t implement.

Never again will you doubt your skills as a coach. Now you know how to model and inspire greatness in yourself and others.

Now you feel confident earning what you need to live well and give well. You know how to have more fun, touch more lives, and leave a bigger legacy.

HMBA Mastery is an on-going adventure, where telling the truth and living the truth become the same. Our intention is to support and stretch you into becoming the coach that you would pay to work with.

Therefore, your decision is clear:

Join the top 1% of coaches and Master the Business and the Art of Coaching.

Do everything you can to come completely out of hiding.

First for yourself, and then for others.

This is your path to contribute to an evolved, enlivened planet.

And now you’ll have what it takes to achieve it.

This is the vision we hold for you.

What Can HMBA Do For You?

Meet Your Teachers

Stacey Morgenstern and Carey Peters are the founders and primary teachers of Health Coach Institute, a world class international coach training company in service of creating leaders in the art, science and business of health coaching.

With over 10,000 graduates from 3- countries, they are pioneering the new generation of aspiring health coaches who want to turn their holistic passion into a thriving, meaningful career that raises the consciousness of the planet.

Bob Schwenkler


“Some people have asked me how I have access to this new sense of direction, purpose, & passion, and it really is that I’ve committed. Since I’ve made that commitment to Mastery, it’s opened my world up in a million different ways. The work that we’re doing and the community that we’ve built is really powerful.”

Amethyst Mahoney


“I just sold a $10,000 coaching package for a 1:1 program!!! She is very excited, and so am I. And, this isn’t the first new 1:1 client this month! Total sales for February are now over $15,000. Thanks Carey and Stacey, for believing in us and encouraging us to believe in ourselves again.”

Dr. Anu Gupta


“Before HMBA I had no business. Health and Nutrition was my passion but I had no clue how to launch as a coach. HMBA has been a total game changer. Clients keep coming and they want to give me money! I am so glad I moved through my fears and doubts to work with Carey and Stacey. These women are teaching me exactly what I need!”

Our intention is to support and stretch you into becoming the coach that you would pay to work with.