Holistic MBA Mastery Retreat
July 31st - August 2nd
Rancho Bernardo Inn

We’re so excited about the upcoming HMBA Mastery Retreat!
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For HMBA Mastery students this will expand your inner game, transform your money beliefs, and evolve your business.

If you're ready to accelerate your coaching mastery and ramp up your impact and income, this retreat is for you!

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This 3-Day Intensive is specifically designed
for you (as a current HMBA Mastery student) to:
Get world-class live training
in Advanced Coaching Skills

and then practice them in person, in real time
Breakthrough your Money Mindset
and break down what’s holding you back so you can move
forward with clarity and confidence to do what you love
Connect live and in person with
your fellow Mastery tribe

and make friends for life!
Leave with a clear roadmap
for getting clients NOW
Immerse yourself in Expansive Personal Growth work
to help you set–and hit–bigger goals
month after month after month
If you want to:
The HMBA Mastery Retreat is
a must‑attend event for you!
Experience all this at the

and Luxurious

Rancho Bernardo Inn

This retreat will be held at the Rancho Bernardo Inn in sunny San Diego. With exquisite views, luscious gardens, and deluxe accommodations, it’s the perfect place to connect with yourself and your tribe!

How the Retreat experience changed these Mastery students' lives:
How the Retreat experience changed these Mastery students' lives:

I’ve been struggling to find words to describe my experience from retreat (my first live event), being with almost 300 other coaches just like me, and learning in person from mentors that I’ve only ever seen on a screen ?

Leaving my husband and 3 daughters for 4 days was literally one of the HARDEST things I’ve ever done…

it felt like a part of me was missing ?

I learned that in order to be a stronger person- mother, wife, business owner, friend- you need space to be alone and reconnect with who you are and what you’re here for.

Part of me was telling me the whole time (more like kicking and screaming) that this was so selfish of me to leave my family and who am I to take off for half a week to do something for me and my business?!

I want to tell you what the other quiet, yet stronger voice said:

Taking time away from your family is NOT SELFISH.

In fact, it is SELFISH to not take care of yourself and to hold back from doing things that will make you stronger and better at what you do.

When you refrain from taking care of yourself and being your best, you rob others around you of experiencing the best version of yourself that you could be and that they’re missing out on.

I left my family, telling my daughters that when I come back, I’ll be a happier mom.

When I came home today, my oldest daughter Rena asked me, “mommy, are you a happier Mommy now?!”


I am.

I’m Not only happier, but I am stronger.

I am empowered.

The absolute biggest takeaway I’m leaving with is that I have to be willing to take more RISKS.

To be honest, I live very comfortably in my comfort zone and prefer to play it safe in so many areas of my life.

But not anymore.

This trip showed me what happens when I stretch out of my comfort zone. I’ve connected with my own personal power that I’ve been holding back and didn’t even know I had.

I’m not holding back anymore.

Aliza Hendon: HMBA Mastery August 2018

Tribe! I’m feeling the internal ? and love it! After the retreat, I flew up to San Francisco to spend a few days with my friend and mentor Sinead (I worked for her on her team in corporate, coaching leaders and teams). It was so cool to share with her my experience with HCI and building my business.

When I got there, she picked me up from the airport with her 15 year old son, Evan. I never met him before, and so it was interesting when they told me he nicknamed me “the magician”! I asked where that came from, and Sinead said that when I worked for her, she always used to talk about me to the family saying “I don’t know how, but Gina did it again! She figured it out and got it done.” She always gets it done!” So Evan started calling me the magician! Lol

We went on a hike yesterday and I did an on-the-spot interview with Evan on being 15 years old, and all he’s accomplished and still doing. Hes amazing and inspiring! In case you don’t know, I facilitate a monthly teen group for my community, and wanted some inspiring moments to share. The live video is posted on my page. Check it out!

Then I get home this am and get a message from a woman in education. Here was the message:

“Hi Gina!!!

I absolutely love what you are doing and have been watching your videos! Let’s catch up when you get back. I’m currently looking for a keynote speaker for my conference day and had a few ideas I wanted to run past you. Have a great trip!!”

How cool! I just started doing live videos consistently last week at the retreat because it is one of my goals for 2019.

I’m so excited!

Gina Cassano - HMBA Mastery May 2018

Good Morning Mastery Folks!

I have been SUPER quiet in this group since we began in August, and I promised myself to re-commit starting after the Retreat.

The Retreat was an amazing experience and I really cannot wait for the next one.

I have SO MUCH FIRE In my body right now that wants to pour out into my work today, and I just came up to my office and my critter brain is going NUTSO.

It wants me to indulge in confusion and not knowing. It wants me to just spiral out doing a little of this and a little of that but nothing substantial. It wants me to get lost on facebook. It wants me to walk away from my desk and clean the house (which is a mess because apparently I’m the only one in this house who knows how to clean!!)

I’m trying to reign it all in.

I have an OTR call in 45 minutes, which I am excited about! Based on the conversation we had already, I suspect she will have major money objections so I am going to commit right now to going over the money objections material that HCI and Bill Baren have given us, so that I can help her formulate a plan to attract and manifest the money she needs to work with me. In the past, I have just made assumptions about people who could not pay and I just let them go without working with their objections. Regardless of the outcome today, I at least want to practice working with objections.

I already feel more grounded in what I need to do RIGHT NOW. Thanks for listening 😉

After the call, I pray that I can re-focus onto the next bit, which I think should be block scheduling myself for all of the things I committed to executing while at the retreat. I have a lot to get done this quarter and I am SO READY to do it, I just need a little organization.

Let’s do this!

Amy F. Aurore - HMBA Mastery August 2018
You will leave this 3 day retreat…

a different person than you were when you arrived. This retreat was created to bring together our tribe for connection, transformation, healing, and triumph. You’ll grow and stretch into a more powerful, confident, and determined version of you, ready to take bold action in your personal and professional life—and more equipped than ever to crush your goals.

There is a refundable $97 seat deposit to reserve your spot. The deposit will be returned to you by end of August.
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July 31st – August 2nd
at Rancho Bernardo Inn