HCI co-founder, Carey, will tell you upfront that her co-founder, Stacey, is her pimp. For realz.
So right now, take a second to think about who you could entrust to be your coaching pimp. It’s a special job. It’s having someone to talk you up even when you feel down. It’s having someone hold a mirror up to you (as coaches do) to remind you of your best self even when you’re not feeling it. It’s being accountable to someone who cares about your success as a coach as much as you do and is not gonna let that slide.
It’s different than a coach that you hire to coach you. Basically, it’s a coach-friend who we simply like to call…a pimp.

Here are 3 differences between your coach-pimp-friend and a real pimp:
  • Your coach-pimp is “selling” your best and bravest inner self to clients not your body.
  • Your coach-pimp is not taking any cut except the joy of feeling they’ve helped you.
  • Your coach-pimp replaces sleazy with savvy and advocates for your highest good in the coaching biz.
So follow these 3 action steps to start your hunt for your pimp now:
  • Our HCI Facebook page is a great place to look for like-minded spirits.
  • Our annual HCI live events are hot spots that’ll connect you with your pimp for life.
  • This HCI feed is a great way to find your pimp match…by reading the comments.

And if you’re still not convinced, just remember, a coach who has a pimp is better than a pimp who has a coach.
Comment below and tell us how you found your coach pimp. We’d love to know…