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According to the US Department of Labor, the # of Health Coaches employed in the US is expected to grow 21% by 2022.

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Graduates have earned $5,000 - $10,000 per month or more.

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A Career You Can Feel Proud Of:

Learn How To Help People Thrive Through Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle Choices!

At Health Coach Institute, we have partnered with top doctors and leading experts to bring you the most trailblazing nutrition education in the world.

During our 6-month professional training program you will learn:

How to identify the perfect nutritional lifestyle for you

The simplest way to learn 100 dietary theories

How to help people struggling with food sensitivities and other digestive disorders heal their gut naturally

The significance of blood sugar balance and how to keep it in check

How to overcome binge eating & emotional eating for good

How to pinpoint the underlying causes of cravings

Why chronic dieting isn’t the answer and how to stop

The secrets of masterful Health Coaching

How to eat for energy and boost metabolism naturally

How proper nutrition can help reduce stress

What drives behavior around food and body

The psychology of healthy habits that last

Heart disease, diabetes, and weight loss protocols created by today’s top doctors and leading experts!

How to lead cleanses and detoxes

How to successfully coach someone through a 90-day program

Why Health & Nutrition Coaching Is Revolutionizing HealthCare

Nutrition and lifestyle play a much bigger role in health, healing, and medicine than they get credit for! This is not about a fad or trend. It’s about a huge need infusing itself into the way we eat, exercise, sleep, work, age, and almost every other aspect of our lives.

According to the World Health Organization, chronic disease caused by lifestyle choice is expected to increase by 57% by the year 2020. As a society, we must change our behavior to reverse that trend.

Did You Know?

An estimated 108 million Americans are on a diet*.

 Approximately 75% of ALL disease could be prevented with better nutrition and habits*.

 9 out of 10 women are unhappy with their appearance.

81% of 10 year old girls experience a fear of being fat.

Within about a decade, 67% of the US population will have some sort of diabetes.

Every 34 seconds a woman DIES of heart disease.

Globally, heart disease accounts for 30% of all deaths under the age of 65.

Most people aren’t going to make change all by themselves. If they could, they would have already. They need the right systems, the right support, and the right accountability. With the right education you can provide this help that is so needed!

Our Curriculum Also Includes Proven Business Training To Launch Your Career The Right Way

Wondering where Health & Nutrition Coaches work?

We love this question because there are so many growing possibilities!

Career Opportunities:

  • Private practice
  • Group programs
  • Skype coaching
  • Corporate wellness
  • Work at wellness centers, gyms, spas, yoga studios
  • Partner with doctors, physicians + chiropractors
  • Public speaking
  • TV expert
  • Author
  • Launch products online
  • And more…!

This is a career that not only brings you riches in many forms, but also does incredible good.

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