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If you’re considering becoming a Health Coach and want to know how much you can earn in this career, try the Health Coach Income Calculator below. Depending on your level of experience and how many clients you would like to work with, the calculator can help you determine both your monthly and yearly income. (*Note: Income is not guaranteed.)

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Meet Our Expert & Physician Faculty

Our Expert & Physician Faculty Includes:

Dr. Steven Masley
JJ Virgin
Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert; CNS, CHFS
Dr. Dan Engle
Psychiatrist, Neurologist, MD
Dr. Anna Cabeca
DO, FACOG, ABAARM, Hormone Therapy Expert
Dr. Michelle May
MD, CSP, Mindful Eating Expert
Dr. Stephanie Daniel
DO, Drug-Free Fertility Expert
Dr. Vincent Pedre
MD, Certified in Functional Medicine & Medical Acupuncture, Yoga Expert
Dr. Brian Mowll
Master Licensed Diabetes Educator, Chiropractic Physician, IFM Certified Functional Medicine Expert
Marcelle Pick
NP, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Adrenal & Thyroid Expert