Jamie Woodworth

Jamie Woodworth

A bookworm my entire life, I first found coaching in 2016 after reading Jen Sincero’s book, You Are a Badass and completing an 8 week group coaching program with her. From that moment, I’ve been hooked, and have been coached on some level ever since.

By shifting my mindset and tuning in to what it was that I truly enjoyed and loved doing, I was able to transform my body without depriving myself of foods that I loved, or slaving away at the gym. Finding alignment within myself led me to desire the same for others, and I stumbled upon BHC while I was surfing the web one day. After speaking with a Clarity Coach, I knew that coaching was the path I was meant to walk, and signed up immediately.

At the time I signed up for BHC, I had been in a corporate finance career that was considered highly successful by most definitions, however it left me feeling burned out and unfulfilled. I knew I was meant for more, and that I had the ability to serve others in a more powerful way. I left my corporate job in 2017 to begin my coaching career in earnest. The road was not easy, and my resolve was tested that entire year. Looking back I can see how all of the hard things I experienced were happening for me, not to me, and helped shape me into a more capable and powerful coach.

I nerd out on all things personal development, law of attraction, manifesting, and anything considered “woowoo.” I love working out, baking, reading, being outside in the sunshine riding my mountain bike, hiking, or lying on the beach listening to the tide roll in and out. I am most tuned in and tapped into my own inner being when I’m outside in nature.

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