Laura Lee

Laura Lee


  • Emerson College, Boston, Bachelor of Science in Communications 1995
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition 2013
  • HMBA Core Training 2014
  • HMBA TCM & Mastery- 2015
  • UCLA Arts & Healing, Social Emotional Arts – 2016

Coaching Credentials and Experience:

  • Transformational Life and Wellness Coach for Women & Girls at Blooming Life Wellness 2013-Present
  • Success Coach – August 2018

Further Information

Laura is a transformational life and wellness coach who helps women and girls 11+ to see and embrace what is calling for them to be embraced in their lives and bodies, awaken to their gifts and desires and empower them to ditch perfection and create their lives from a place of power and purpose choosing connection, community and divine devotion to self care.

Laura’s foray into coaching began with implementing and teaching a school wide nutrition and garden program in her son’s elementary school.  Having gone through her own healing journey with food and body, her intention was to teach the kids that they could nourish themselves with food and that by doing so they would learn self love and know and recognize their worth.

Through this experience and her own life experience, she recognized a special need for women and girls to be supported and empowered to stop living in fear of failure, clinging to perfection with food and body and living lives through the roles they had been handed.  Breaking through these limiting beliefs and instead supporting women to create a life fueled by connection, spiritually, physically and emotionally is her passion.  She has been coaching and leading workshops and women’s circles for women and girls for the past 5 years in Los Angeles, before relocating to the Nashville area.

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