Tracy Hjorth

Tracy Hjorth


  • Ohio University, Masters of Science in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (1989)
  • Health Coach Institute, Certified health Coach (2015)
  • Holistic HMBA (2017)

Coaching Credentials and Experience:

  • Corporate Wellness Director, Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Mgmt.  (1990 – 1995)
  • Community Health and Wellness Coordinator, The Wellness Plan HMO and YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit  (1995 – 2001)
  • Children’s Ministry Director, Orchard Grove Community Church (2002-2010)
  • Health Coach,  (2015-present)

Further Information:

Tracy’s passion in life has always been helping others, and her comprehensive career path lead her to Health Coach Institute. She believes that Health Coaches have the ability to grow, stretch, and change the world! As a personal Health Coach, Tracy loves coaching clients to help them be all that they were created to be-there is so much beauty when someone walks in with vulnerability and walks out with love, forgiveness, peace and joy.  As a Success Coach, her joy is leading with love and serving our students to help them be the best version of themselves- amazing things can happen when one lets go of disempowering beliefs and believes in all that they were created to be. Tracy’s love of life and all that it has to offer, combined with her intuitive and compassionate spirit, allows her to guide and mentor our students at HCI to success.

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