Kenni King

Kenni King

Kenni King is an HCI graduate and Master Transformation Coach from Houston, Texas. She helps her clients successfully leap from goal-setter to goal-getter by cutting through the overwhelm and procrastination so they can Make Sh*t Happen.

Not long ago, Kenni separated from the fitness studio she was working with. She lost all of her clients and found herself starting over from scratch. That’s when she entered HCI’s $10K in 10 Weeks Challenge. It seemed a daunting, unreasonable task and she was afraid she might commit and inevitably fail. But she decided to not let her mindset hold her power for her and leaned into the challenge. Completing the $10k challenge showed her just how limitless we are when we choose to live from a space of intention and surrender!

Kenni has created a thriving coaching practice that serves to improve the health, lives, and businesses of her clients and community. She now coaches individuals and groups around the world, offers online programs, and has been selected as the Health & Wellness expert to teach classes for local government employees.

Kenni’s coaching practice is not only successful but is 100% hers. HMBA gave her the confidence to step into her truth, create a thriving coaching practice, trust herself, and live her life on her terms!

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